Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services

Aside from excess water removal, structural drying and de-humidification, our sanitization process employs environmentally friendly anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal cleaning solutions to combat any possibility of infection and contamination, leaving your property in pre-damage condition and free from health concerns for yourself, your family and your pets.

All AOA water extraction and removal services are carried out with submersible pumps, flood rollers, and heavy-duty pick up vacuum devices with permanent pump-out facilities.

1. – Water Extraction is the first step in any successful water damage restoration process. For AOA, our first and most important task is to contain mobile and settled water. Truck mounted and portable extraction units perform efficient water removal.

2. – The Second step is to identify what items can be saved and which need immediate disposal. All items which are deemed unsalvageable will be photographed and documented for any insurance purposes. 

3. – Dehumidification is the Third step and can save money in restoration and replacement costs

4. – The Fourth step is to sanitize to insure that no mold or mildew is left to grow. 

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